SuperGeeks 24/7 Maintenance Plan provides you with a variety of Security, Maintenance and Support tools from local technicians at a budget friendly flat monthly rate. This program is available for PC and Mac, Home and Business.

With our 24/7 Maintenance Plan you receive Unlimited Remote Support from our entire local staff, Unlimited In-Shop Labor, Free In-Shop Diagnostics, and much more. Take a look below at what all this plan gives you. Give us a call or come by when you are ready to join our satisfied 24/7 Maintenance Plan Customers.


Antivirus and Virus Removal

We install, maintain and monitor an industry leading Antivirus Product. We make sure your antivirus is up to date to protect you against current threats. Your computers will be scanned daily as well as providing you with “on access” protection for downloads and portable media. As there are no “bulletproof” Antivirus products, if a virus does manage to make its way onto your computer, we will perform a thorough removal (up to and including a full operating system restore) at no additional cost.

Web Protection

Our powerful Web Filtering software has a “blacklist” of known malicious websites that contain phishing scams or infections. If a link is clicked that would lead to one of these sites, the connection will be blocked. Our Web Protection can also be customized on a per workstation basis to block additional categories such as social media, dating sites, job searches, etc. Specific websites can also be blocked or whitelisted.

Software Updates

Keeping all of your software up to date is paramount for a secure environment. We remotely monitor your computer and will “push” updates to your computer when they are available. This includes Windows Updates as well as updates for common software such as adobe, java, itunes, chrome, and much more. 



Tune Ups

Have a computer that’s running slow? Give us a shout and we can remote in to perform a full tune up on the machine. We can also schedule a time to remote in after hours to perform this type of work so it doesn’t interrupt your day. 

Daily Monitoring

We monitor and maintain a list of more than 20 checks on the computer to make sure it is operating properly. These checks include things like your Print Spooler, Hard Drive Health, Available Drive Space, Important Windows Services, Critical Events, and much more. If we notice a problem we can usually take care of it in the background or we will call you to remote in. 


Remote Support

As a member of our 24/7 Maintenance Plan you receive unlimited remote support from our entire staff. This will never be outsourced. Remote support includes tune ups, virus removal, error message troubleshooting, general questions and much more. See below for items not covered.  There is no additional “remote session charge” that is common in the industry. 
Monthly Email Reports


You will receive an email every month detailing the status of every computer covered under the plan. We will also call you to check on how things are running on your end.


Give us a call if you have any questions or would like more information!

Jon Benton, Owner
806 722 0770