Google WiFi

Many of our on-site service calls deal with poor WiFi Coverage. When we arrive, we generally find one router, usually, a low-quality one provided by the internet service provider. The WiFi signal from this device doesn't reach a back bedroom, office or into a basement. This creates frustrating dead spots. 

A WiFi range extender can be added, but depending on the model this may involve you having to switch networks depending on where you are in your home or office. Not ideal.

Google WiFi can help solve this problem. CNET called Google WiFi “The best Wi-Fi system on the market.” Let’s take a look at why.


Google WiFi replaces your existing router, and additional Google WiFi points are placed throughout your home or office to provide a single mesh network that can help eliminate dead spots. When you move through your home or office, your device is automatically switched to the Google WiFi point with the strongest signal.

The number of Google WiFi points you will need will depend on the size of your home or office. While One Wifi Point will cover a small 500-1500 square foot space, it is recommended to have at least two for maximum coverage. Have a larger space? This system supports up to SIX Google WiFi points!


Google WiFi also has an extremely useful app. You can prioritize a device to get the fastest speed, so you can stream Netflix without worrying about other devices on your network slowing it down. You can also easily share your WiFi password with guests, limit internet access to specific devices for homework or bedtime, and much more!

If you are ready to experience Google WiFi first hand, give us a call or come by to get started! We will help determine how many WiFi Points you need, set them up in your home or office for peak efficiency and show you how to use all the features on the app.

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