SuperGeeks 2019 Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to our Annual Holiday Gift Guide! This is our largest gift guide ever! Each of our Geeks has picked 3 unique gifts, so you should definitely be able to find the perfect gift for the “hard to buy for” person in your life. Some of these items are relevant to our industry, and some have absolutely nothing to do with it!

If you see something you are interested in, just click on the button below the gift and you will be taken to the Amazon page for that product to learn more, read reviews, and purchase it! If you are still having trouble finding a unique gift, give us a call or come by and we will be happy to give you more gift ideas!


The “Redragon” GS550 speakers are not your average speakers. Not only can the speakers stand upright next to your monitor, they can merge together to lay underneath like a sound bar. Also, these speakers are not powered by the traditional power cable but by USB with a 3.5 mm audio jack which means these are compatible with PC, TV, and Laptops! These speakers are a great for any high school or college students out there.

- Alex


Whether it’s someone you know or yourself, we have all had moments where having a dark keyboard with small letters makes it hard to use. This keyboard has been designed to make using your computer that much easier. With these white keys and black letters, squinting at your keyboard looking for the correct letter is a thing of the past. A member of my family had been complaining about how difficult it was to type on his old keyboard so I picked this one up for him. Ever since then he has had no issues. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a gift idea for that person that could use a little extra help.

- Nick


This handy backpack will hold all of your technology needs! It can fit any sized laptop comfortable and snuggly. Now what are you going to do if you’re nowhere near a charging outlet and your phone starts to die? Well you can’t really do anything about it. Now if you had this backpack you can! It has its own charging port and battery inside the backpack, just plug it into the port and boom! Your phone is charging. Another neat thing about this backpack is the anti-theft. It has a lock on the top so you can lock your backpack and keep your laptop safe.

- Kaden


I have owned a pair of these Headphones for a few years and I absolutely love them. They are “Open Back Studio Headphones.” They are large, and have a huge cord attached. That combined with the sound bleeding out from the open backs makes them not a great fit for travel or places other people might want to hear what you are playing. They do, however, produce a very natural and clear sound. Open Back headphones sound much more like you are listening to music live, or watching a movie in a movie theater. Since the sound can escape and isn’t echoing around inside the headphones, it also provides a very realistic “surround sound” effect that is perfect for music, movies or gaming. The cushioned foam ear pads are also very comfortable for long listening sessions.

- Jon


Do you work/go to school next to people that you do not fully trust? Want a little more privacy when using your laptop? With the Laptop Privacy Screen Filter, you can be assured that the only person seeing your laptop screen is you! This also doubles as a screen protector to prevent scratches and cracking in certain situations.

- Ricky


Ever had crumbs on your desk or kitchen table? Don’t want to get the entire vacuum out from the closet? Well I've got the perfect device for you! The iDili Mini is a tiny portable vacuum for your desk and kitchen table so that you can get crumbs and dust away in a flash. Just had a party and there’s confetti everywhere on the table? Just use the iDili Mini! Just spilt your coffee crumbs all over the countertop? Use the iDili Mini! Its compact size makes it very easy to store and get to.

- Kaden


If you are looking for a gift for the kid in your family that likes to build things, then this is the thing for you. This small toy catapult is the perfect thing for that someone that not only enjoys building models but also likes to learn as well. This isn't just a model but it also is a fully functional catapult that people of all ages will be able to enjoy!

- Nick


Don’t you just hate it when you’re working in the shop or around the house and can’t find the right socket size?! Well with this 15 piece RAK universal Socket Set that is a thing of the past. With a self adjusting socket you can unscrew most bolts, nuts, hooks and other shaped fasteners you don’t have the right tool for. This is a fantastic multi-tool to have around the house.

- Alex


4K has really become the standard in quality nowadays when it comes to video recording due to the jump in technology on camera phones. Not everybody likes using their phone as a camera, however, and having a separate device to capture images and videos has a lot of advantages. This Dragon Touch 4K is waterproof, has a remote control wristwatch for easy recording, and is able to capture in slow motion!

- Ricky


Is this necessary? Of course not. Do I think it looks cool? You bet. It can also supposedly (not a doctor) help reduce eye strain. But mostly it looks cool. This is an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) light kit that mounts on the back of your monitor, or under your desk, or both! The “RGB” allows you to fully customize the color(s), pattern and brightness. Want a flashing rainbow? You can do that. Want it just stay on blue? Not a problem. This is a great way to add a little splash of color and personalization to your desk.

- Jon


Video games have been the top dog for a long time now, but the good news is that boardgames have seen a resurgence in recent years. So many people have start getting together to play games around the kitchen table again and frankly that makes me very happy. I absolutely love all these new board games that have been coming out in recent years but nothing beats an original. I remember sitting around the table and playing Clue with my family when I was growing up. Those game nights are some of my favorite childhood memories and I was excited when I saw that they had re-released this game. This is the same old game, with the same old rules, and the same old fun.

- Nick


The Nintendo Switch is hands down one the best consoles ever made in my opinion. The original Switch was $300 and it sold like gangbusters . The new Switch Lite ditches the dock which allowed you to play on your TV and the joy con controllers that you could slide in and out which makes it a completely portable and durable device. Although you can only play in handheld mode with this one, but ditching these features cut $100 off the price tag, so you can have the switch at a more affordable price point. This is the perfect console for younger audience due to it's game selection, durability, and size. Also, you can play Fortnite on it!

- Ricky


Have you ever wanted a boiled egg but didn’t want to go through the time of taking the shell off? Well here is the Negg! This nifty device boils a single egg and then peels the egg itself! I can’t believe that I never seen this before!

- Kaden


Smoother coffee, richer taste, every time, that’s what you can get with this cold brew iced coffee maker. With its air tight seal you don’t have to waste a drop and it will lock in the flavor for up to 2 weeks! Professional home brewing has never been easier.

- Alex


Sous Vide (pronounced “Sue Veed”) cooking has made me look like an absolute pro. I used to overcook steaks that were supposed to be rare and vice versa. You add this wand to a pot of water and then with an app, pick your meat and desired doneness. The meat is vacuumed sealed and put into the water. Once the timer goes off, you have meat that is all exactly rare, medium or whatever you wanted it to be. You then quickly sear the meat in a cast iron skillet and you have perfect, juicy, and exactly to order steak, chicken, pork, and it even works with corn on the cob and a whole lot more!

- Jon

You can also, of course, give the gift of SuperGeeks!

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If you have a gamer on your list, this is the perfect time of year for a brand new, one of a kind, custom built gaming PC. We can help build a budget gaming rig for Fortnite and Minecraft or a “spared no expense” monster for streaming the hottest new AAA games. We also build more professional looking office workstations, so if you need to upgrade those old Windows 7 machines before January, give us a call!


You can also purchase someone on your list a year of our 24/7 Maintenance Plan so we can provide them with unlimited remote support, unlimited in shop labor, tune ups and much more. We install and manage their Antivirus, all of their updates, and are always just a phone call away if they need any help.


If you want to know more about anything in this guide, or have any computer issues you need help with don’t hesitate to swing by the shop or give us a call!

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