Can You Replace my iPhone Screen?

Sorry, we don’t do any physical repairs on mobile devices.

Do I need an appointment?

If you are bringing us a Computer to work on in the shop, you do not need an appointment! We can get you through the check in process and start working on the machine right away. If you are wanting to schedule a Service Call or Training, then yes, please call to schedule this.

Can you come fix my computer at my home or office?

We do offer Service Calls, but not all diagnostics or repairs are possible or cost effective on site. Service Call work would generally consist of something like a Tune Up or troubleshooting a weak Wi-Fi signal or printing issues. Things like replacing parts, testing all of the components in a computer, or re-installing the operating system take quite a bit of time and we normally need the machine on our benches for this type of work. Feel free to call and tell us about your issue and we can let you know whether a Service Call or having it here in the shop would be best!

I need my computer back up and running right away. How long does a repair take?

It depends on a large number of factors. Our diagnostic process is thorough so we are 100% certain the work we recommend will fix your issue. We generally ask for 2-3 days for our diagnostic process. Sometimes we can finish it in a day, sometimes it might take longer. The Repair Process may take 3-5 days on top of that. Again, give or take a few days depending on the situation. We understand that your computers are an important part of your lives and businesses, and make every effort to get them back up and running as soon as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work in favor of a quicker turnaround time.